As an innovation partner for the rail industry, we guide our customers and inventions in the Mobility Interior at every stage – from the first idea to the finished product and beyond.

Step 1: From the Idea to the Concept

Whether a customer approaches us with an idea or our R&D team produces an innovation itself: with experience, an inventive spirit and close cooperation with our partners, we develop the best ideas into practicable interior concepts that yield real benefits for every stakeholder.

Step 2: Engineering to Prototype

For a concept to become an actual invention, our engineers put the concept to the test in real computer-simulated applications, develop individual parts and consult with our clients to build a prototype of the new Mobility Interior.

Step 3: Testing and Improvement to get Market-Ready

From the very beginning of the development process, we conduct continuous quality assurance and material tests as well as computer simulations. The prototype is then also subjected to all required laboratory tests and certification examinations, improving our product until the result is a true innovation that changes mobility for the better.

Step 4: High-Tech Production

Our production facilities have been turning out components for the rail industry with cutting edge manufacturing procedures for approximately 30 years. The modular construction of Seisenbacher components enables us to make our production processes efficient, economical, and easily scalable.

Step 5: Supply Chain Management

We do not simply oversee what happens in our own halls, but also support our customers with supply chain management, cost control and various logistical challenges.

Step 6: Long-Term Support

We support our customers and partners to ensure that the interior innovations arrive at the places where they have a real impact – with the passenger. This includes not only improving in-house procedures,but also increasing solution adaptability or adding new supplemental features.





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